Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer

Technovation Analytical Instruments Private Limited was incorporated in 1990 to design, develop and manufacture Gas Analysers, Gas Detectors and Gas Monitors which measure either a specific gas or multiple gases found in a gas sample. Our management team has over 75 years combined experience in all aspects of Gas Detection Equipment as instrument & Accessories Developers & Manufacturers.

Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer Manufacturer in India estimates sulfur dioxide dependent on the absorbance of UV light at one frequency by SO2 atoms which then, at that point, rot to a lower energy state by radiating UV light at a more extended frequency.Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer Manufacturer in India main uses are in the arrangement of sulfuric corrosive, sulfur trioxide, and sulfites, sulfur dioxide additionally is utilized as a sanitizer, a refrigerant, a decreasing specialist, a detergent, and a food additive, particularly in dried organic products. A basic test for sulfur dioxide is to ignore the gas a piece of channel paper absorbed fermented Na2Cr2O7. The paper goes from an orange tone for the Cr6+ to a green tone for Cr3+.