VOC Analyzer

Technovation Analytical Instruments Private Limited was incorporated in 1990 to design, develop and manufacture Gas Analysers, Gas Detectors and Gas Monitors which measure either a specific gas or multiple gases found in a gas sample. Our management team has over 75 years combined experience in all aspects of Gas Detection Equipment as instrument & Accessories Developers & Manufacturers.

Organic Volatile Compounds in Your Home VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are a class of chemicals found in many of the goods we use to construct and maintain our homes. VOC Analyzer Manufacturer in India are released or “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe once they are in our houses. To test for pollutants in air, soil, and water, a volatile organic compound (VOC) metre or VOC analyzer is employed. In industry, volatile organic compound analyzers are used to measure contaminants in wastewater and the air in and around factories, in agriculture, and in the monitoring of clean water and sewage. Organic molecules that exist in the gas phase at room temperature are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The phrase “volatile organic compound” (VOC) refers to a wide spectrum of chemical substances, both man-made and naturally occurring. Some VOCs are hazardous to human health or have the potential to harm the environment.