Methane Gas Analyzer

Technovation Analytical Instruments Private Limited was incorporated in 1990 to design, develop and manufacture Gas Analysers, Gas Detectors and Gas Monitors which measure either a specific gas or multiple gases found in a gas sample. Our management team has over 75 years combined experience in all aspects of Gas Detection Equipment as instrument & Accessories Developers & Manufacturers.

The GoPro 500 methane (CH4) gas analyzer is a special TDL spectrometer intended for direct estimation of methane in syngas and select flammable gas estimation applications. It utilizes a collapsed way laser pillar plan for low support estimation. Top Performance in Methane Measurement Methane Gas Analyzer Manufacturer in India have a gadget utilized as a vital piece of a decent gas recognition framework for the motivations behind observing and recognizing levels of methane in air in % LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) levels or in percent by volume levels. Ultimately, no, a carbon monoxide indicator can’t identify a gaseous petrol spill. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas made when fuel is singed within the sight of low degrees of oxygen. Carbon monoxide is totally different from methane and can’t be identified with a similar sensor.